What is a Mobile Application?

Know about it

Mobile apps are software that lives “natively” on your mobile device. The app stores user information that makes using the app easier and faster. Every smartphone has a few built-in mobile applications such as a music app, a camera app or an internet browser app. In short, apps make it easier to do what you want on your phone or tablet with a single click. What is Mobile

Customized App Development

A innovative way

With the right kind of coding we can make an app that will do most anything the devices operating system permits and that gives us a lot of room to create awesome applications. Today’s devices are faster, smarter and more flexible than full-sized computer was just a few years ago. If you have an idea when have the expertise to bring that idea to life on a mobile device.

Mobile apps forB2B Business

Apps to develop business

The fact is, mobile apps have affected every kind of business from retail to restaurant, form maids to manufacturing. Zonaid can be the catalyst that gets your business into the hands of every customer and potential customer in your market.

Americans depend on their phones for everything and mobile apps are the reason why

There are different operating systems based on the manufacturer and Zonaid builds apps for the predominant systems: iOS (Apple) and Android, which most every non-Apple phone uses.

There is an app to hail a cab, order a food, enjoy a game, find a prospective potential partner, improve inter-personal skills, logical thinking and you name it and there is definitely an app made available and there can be no doubt in it.


Making it efficient

Zonaid builds “native” apps which mean they live on the phone and store data that make your user experience faster and better for you. Some apps are mobile apps which means they’re actually websites that are accessed when the icon is triggered. The responsiveness of mobile apps is dependent on internet speed and accessibility and generally operate more slowly than native apps.

Zonaid does not build SAS (software as a service) apps. When we build an app for you, you own the code on your domain forever. With a SAS platform you rent the code which lives on the SAS owners domain. If you ever decide to stop paying you lose your customers, their apps stop working and your data gone.


For your needs

There are many organizations offering mobile apps so why chose Zonaid? There are several factors to consider, experienced personnel’s, profound knowledge of the platform frameworks like MongoDB, Nodejs, high-quality app development process and proven dynamic solutions for various platforms.

Our professionals always deliver the best and nothing less. If you are planning to have a mobile app developed with a user-friendly interface and outstanding features, then don’t look any further, we are just a wall away.