The Secret of Successful SEO

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Secret of Successful SEO

When there is something to know, you search online using specific search or “key words” on Google or other search engine tools. Those keyword search terms are all important for building web traffic. If your website is providing the answers searchers are looking for when they use those keywords to search your website will be offered as a “search result”. SEO is the process that gets this kind of connection to happen over and over again. Have you ever wondered why certain websites flash to the top abov the zillion other websites? The prominent reason behind it is “SEO- Search Engine Optimization”, those websites are optimized.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process where traffic is generated for a website based on content (information) and the key words people use on line. The more current and relevant your website content is the better your chances of being on the first page of search results. In addition, the more other accredited sites “link” to your site the more authority it has with the search engines as well.

The challenge of course is to be more relevant, interesting and authoritative than your competition. This is done by making sure SEO is performed regularly and that competitive analysis is conducted frequently.

How does it work?
Search engines are basically text driven; they crawl through the web looking out for the elements which are available on a particular website and what the website is all about. It does not stop with only the crawling part; there are more analysis such as indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and others.

Initially, the search engines crawl the web to check out what is there and it is performed by software called as a crawler or spider. The spiders follow the links from one page to another of the website and start indexing it on their way. Once the indexing is completed, the indexed page is stored in a huge database from where it can be referred back later.

When a search is made the search engine process the string and compares it with the indexed pages in the database. There are millions of pages, so it starts with calculating the relevancy and there are different kinds of algorithms used based on the keyword density, links or meta-tags. And finally, the information is retrieved and displayed in the form of endless pages of the search results from most relevant to least.

Why SEO?

The reason why any website needs SEO is to assure it performs well in the organic search. And the second factor here is the ranking high for the search terms in the form of keyword will bring more visibility to the website. This will, in turn, lead to more traffic for the website and eventually will be pushed to the top in the search results.