Best Practices for Improved and Faster Android App Development

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Use the Latest Tools

Too much to do and too little time to do it! As all developers dealing with the same dilemma like prototyping, designing, coding, debugging, testing and goes on.

These vital steps do not have shortcuts, they only have valuable tools to help with others which can help us in many possible ways for developing an application for a company in android.

Here’s our countdown of latest tools that can speed up Android application development are Genymotion, Hierarchy viewer, Leakcanary, Visor, Butterknife.

Using the latest tools may help you attaining the updated version of developing the application of Android in a much easier way to produce or develop an application for user-friendly method and to work on it without any struggle.


Pre-planning of android application development is an early insight into competitors, market trends and target audience.

It has efficient streamlining of developing processes for a better app developing processes. Creating a visual plan is very important step before going for development.

This pre-planning produces effective communication of application concept and cost projection for application development and marketing strategy.

Pre-planning of any developing companies have a proper view of what to produce and how to execute the idea in person or in real.

Due to some complexities involved in mobile application development that pre-planning is required for smooth project completion and for success meet of the development companies.

Lack of pre-planning leads to time delays and extra cost. Unplanned corrections, changes, and mistakes are costly which leads to expensive reworks, time delays, and even project failures.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development is much speedier than origin app development, even though it has some drawbacks.

This hybrid app development is becoming more and more popular for many more companies and app developers, as the platforms preference higher and advanced performance system was released nowadays.

This is actually a combination of native apps and web apps together. They run by company websites but they do look and feel like native applications.

They have a low cost of app development as you need not hire different programmers at every cost. In the case of other developers, they possess more expenses for the development of application in android.

Experienced professionals can handle the better hassle of running tasks if offloaded. Even we can prefer new developers if they have any creative skills with innovative ideas.

Outsource if anything complex

As the app developing market is fast evolving and new applications are emerging into the market every day.

To stay competitive, timely and relevant, we can outsource app development to well skilled and specialised Android application developers. If you are developing it from scratch it can cost you $50k. Small businesses should keep in mind that outsourcing cost of app developers ranges between $25 per hour to whooping $150 per hour.

Even though if we attire the capabilities to design or code, kindly make use of domain experts for collecting the whole products together and maintaining it.

The cost of outsourcing is the misplaced fear of common misconception shared by the businesses. Most of the app developing companies have the flexible cost of the budget.

Time and material, fixed cost, build, operate and transfer models can be evaluated in our favour.

Team Size

Most of the application development companies launch with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) just to go with basic features and not with frills.

This Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps us to collect user data about what’s working well and what’s not.

To learn about customer feedback, use the build-measure-learn feedback loop to get invaluable lessons about the feedbacks of customers.

Go agile in the application development process to reduce the redundancy of efforts and resources. Or else without redundancy, it may cause some error in processing.

This can help in saving production cost and also reduce development time which is more profitable for users to get accessed with it.

Instead of full-fledged and robust mobile application, develop an application with less number of application with developing sites so that it can be used for the further purpose and can be retrieved for so furthermore purpose with the same content or related content with this.

Automated Testing

This automated testing is the sure solid measure to get secured, full-tested application in a fraction of time than the manual testing.

This tests an app against the full suite of testing tools simultaneously, with instead of one-by-one as per in manual testing.

This can improve test coverage, reduce testing time, and most probably can guarantee a bug-free product that is readily available in the market.

Automated testing should be a long-term one, including several issues that have to thought over a work perspective in a while.