Web Design & Development

Designing a Proper Website

Web design requires a specific set of skills, honed by experience. It’s important that a website designer understand that your business is different and that uniqueness is what makes your business significant in its marketplace.

It is also important that the web developer understand your customer, what customers need and why they should choose to do business with you. Creating the right content and placing in into a layout that is attention grabbing yet appealing, is critical to the success of the website.

Search engines have rules. When those rules are followed the website is rewarded with traffic. When the rules are broken, eventually, the search engines will figure it out and the business will be punished or banished al together.

The professionals at Zonaid have created a strong relationship with our clients. This is crucial and essential for us to stay connected and communicate in order to intricately design the website according to the requirements specified by them.

Requirements of Web Designing

There a number of elements which need to be considered when a website is being designed; layout, structure, navigation, interface as well as user-friendliness.

It is critical that websites today be mobile-friendly or “responsive” to make sure the site displays optimally no matter what type of device it is seen on. A responsive web design will maintain presentation uniformity across platforms and search engines expect a site to be designed responsively.

Web Development

Simply, web development is the work involved in creating a website, after completing the creating of the web designing part; it is the time for developing of the website. Web developers use different kinds of programming languages and software tools to build a website with it functional elements the client needs.

A site can be a simple static page with simple lines of text or complexity of dynamic pages. Modern content management systems make even the most complex websites easier to manage and track.

Essentials of Website success

Here are the essentials required for a successful website

  • Modern coding architecture resulting in a site that opens fast
  • Content that searchers are interested in reading
  • Content that is fresh and up to date
  • Content that is easy to read and understandable by the average reader
  • Graphics, images and videos that hold interest
  • Reviews from customers
  • A site that makes it easy to connect with the business owner.

Website SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors when it comes to developing the website. It is very useful if the website uses smart SEO strategies from the start. This will be an added advantage for the search engines to crawl and have your website made visible easily in the search results of the search engine for the user.

The web developer needs to make sure your site remains virus free for the sake of the business and its customers. for you to approach, and we assure to give you the best.

Let Zonaid help you be successful getting and keeping customer with a great online presence.